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  1. Happy Birthday Trevor, hope you have a great day. Andy
  2. Hoping you have a brilliant day Lee. ENJOY!!
  3. Trevor, would beak colour be black like Normals? Venturing into Fawns this coming year for first time. Cheers Andy
  4. Hi Fraza, You would need either two visual Black Breast parents or two carrying the BB gene or even one of each. BB is a recessive mutation. If the one 'Pink' is truly Pink then the pair could also be carrying the Pied/White gene and this could be a 'White' I think you would have to wait until the chicks have feathered up to see if they are Black Breast. The 'White chick should have a Bone coloured beak as opposed to black. But good luck with them and enjoy! Andyn
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forum and also back to the hobby. Enjoy the forum!!! Andyn
  6. http://www.efinch.com/species/pengzeb.htm Try this site. Efinch is very informative I think it is some Pied markings that look similar to real Penguins.
  7. That is correct. I have had buyers who looked at my Pied and called them Penguin. Andy
  8. Difficult to evaluate a bird from a photo. Perhaps you could find an Exhibition breeder in your area and get to have a look at their stud which should give you an idea of what a show bird needs etc.
  9. Hello, and welcome to the Forum. You might have to watch your males don't fight over the hens if there aren't enough to go around. Anyway, enjoy the forum. Andyn
  10. No! to get Penguin you need two visual Penguin parents or at least ones that are carrying the Penguin gene ( that would be a hit or miss production). Breeding Pied to Pied produces Pied. The two are different mutations. Welcome to our Forum by the way. Andyn
  11. Steve, Don't give up just yet. Someone from on here has done a speed loading test and results were quite positive. And we can't understand why you have a problem getting on to it.
  12. Hmm! not sure whats going on with the ZFS website thing but I went straight through to it on my wife's Ipad Wondering if certain search engines can't or wont find it. Sorry I can't help further.
  13. Hi Steve and welcome to our Forum. Is this the site you have been trying?- http://www.zebrafinchsociety.org.uk/ We heard of other people who couldn't access it from their phone etc., but Peter Cannan and I can from our home PCs. and via www.swandsczfc.uk (links to other societies) Enjoy the Forum!!
  14. Mine holds 32 gigabytes but I expect you can have bigger gig ones if you need it.
  15. Mine went slow so put all my folders on a memory stick which stays plugged in to USB port so can access straight away etc.