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  1. i am so please to read this as i had a pair of their chicks out of the nest so i put the remaining 3 eggs under a pair of silverbills which have been sitting on their own infertile eggs and 2 have hatched today so that gives me some hope that they might survive steve
  2. indian have white rumps and african have black steve
  3. i keep meaning to go to one of them but nerves and energy levels have stopped me,i was involved in a head on a few years ago and it is painfull to drive to far,i am suprised myself by driving to grahams so hopefully i will get to st neots and may be stafford
  4. thank you daisymay
  5. i have never been to a show or even any of the big sales i thought about joining the foreign league hopefully i might see you there then
  6. he is a lovely person,he made me feel very welcome if i was you i wouldn't take to much money there are to many birds to tempted you to part with it i was thinking of going as its not that far from me,do they sell birds there or is it just a show steve
  7. hi steward i was around grahams a few weeks ago i dropped of the birds for mark and picked up my parrot finches from him,he has a brilliant setup and first class birds and kevin rudd makes a good cup of tea ,when i am ready i will get some more of him,i have book marked grahams site and often read it, thank you steve
  8. thank you stuart i was finding it a job to sell me zebs thats why i stopped with them,i had a few waxbills but swapped them with mark dancer for some parrot finches as i want to consentrate on them,hopefully working my way on to peales and pintails once i have a bit more experiance,i do have a gold breast hen left and i am picking up a cock bird tomorrow for her steve
  9. hi,i don't come on here as much as i used to as i don't keep zebra finches anymore,but i thought i would put a few photos of some of my new birds all of which are new to me this year these are my indian silverbills its my first year keeping and breeding them so far i have bred four chick,i have bred african silverbills before blue faced parrot finches so far know chicks red faced parrot finches i have bred six chicks so far forbes parrot finches these are my favorite of the three types of parrot finches i have as they are stunning photo does not do them justice,i only have one pair at the moment but have bred nine chicks i hope you like them steve
  10. mine a raising some forbes parrot finches,the parents threw their last 2 rounds out of the nest
  11. a goat so when you are snowed in you can milk it for your morning cuppa
  12. hi they are lovely bird that you bought,just a couple of things though the owl finches closely related to the zebs and could mate giving you hybrids (if they are put in your aviary together, plus they need heat which i found out after mine died steve
  13. very nice steve
  14. happy birthday gary
  15. yes emmy all of them thrown from the nest,i did tend to keep having a look in the nest so that might be the reason steve