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  1. If you get stuck next year let me know, it took forever to source mine but I will be breeding 4 pairs this year & will only keep a few back & if you have any surplus white zebras of CWF......
  2. Thanks for the heads up boys, I will definitely look into the Zebra Finch Society, I'm sure there will be some purists out there somewhere not a million miles away who have a proven stud. The bird breeding business isn't what it was 40 years ago, door to door courier services & excellent cage lighting systems, on wards & upwards!
  3. Hi guys, recently started keeping a few birds after thinking about it for ever, finally turned my plans into cage units & recently acquired several pair of Hartz Roller Canaries (2017 birds). Always had a soft spot for finches & factored that into my cage unit design. At this time I do not envisage build flights aviaries etc so I will be trying to source quality bred birds & will pay a fair price. I'm specifically interested in CWF & white birds. Knowing how prolific these little birds can breed I will only buy in a couple of pair to start. My dilemma is that I do not know any one at this time hence joining this forum. Pat