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  1. Welcome pat just joined recently myself and purchaced 2 pairs of exhibition birds with the thought of showing Any questions i will try and help best i can nice cages too Craig
  2. Are these recessive colours
  3. Yes i like him have got him with a grey cheek hen but will have him with a cfw hen too i think this will be the best pairing just need to get my new shed up 15 x 5 Craig
  4. A grey cheek hen behind Craig
  5. Cant uplaoad anymore ??
  6. Come back with 2 pairs Pair 1 cfw Pair 2 normal cock . Grey cheek hen Craig
  7. Peter harrison hopefully tomorrow Start as we mean to go on eh Craig
  8. Well im going on saturday to visit a breeder hopefully to buy some birds the cages are all set up now so fingers crossed Craig
  9. Great story lee , nice setup Craig
  10. Hello im a new member on this forum , my name is craig i live in middlewich cheshire always had birds but looking to start up showing zebs Of to look at some birds in the new year hopefully to purchace Cheers craig