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  1. Hi I have a recent picture from today and if u look closely at them you can see that one has white wings and one has grey also I’ll add pic of parents, one last question if the parents are large zebras does this mean the chicks will or is it one small and one big parent to get large offspring chicks -first pic https://imgur.com/a/v7wOK Chicks Second pic been fed a lot by the foster society’s parents
  2. Okay thanks for that it helped I’ll keep you posted when the colours have came through
  3. Ohright thanks anyway u hope they reply
  4. So I have a black breast ex showbird and I have bred her with a normal grey and 4/4 eggs hatched however one is pink and 3 of the hatchlings are black, does this mean the three could be black breasts she ended up abandonding the chicks and I ended up having to let the 4 society’s adopt the chicks, hopefully i get three black breasts only 5 days old tho long wait .....
  5. Hi I have been breeding zebras and bengalease/society finches for bout 9 months and all is going great been on finchforum, but wanted to join an English one as I live in England, Manchester. I have an aviry recently built about 2 months ago maybe 3 i have 6 zebras black breast, pure white, black cheek and three normals I have 7 society’s 1 grey pearl cock, 2 pied are rest mixed