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  1. Ok thanks Lee will leave them then.
  2. Hi after a bit of advice someone not too far from me has a pair of fawn cheeks up for sale it's not something I want to breed but the cock looks a good cfw but would it be split for fawn cheek? I have attached a picture
  3. Thankyou Andy I was thinking the same don't think I would want any hatching while away. Enjoying watching and studying....still not 100% on the whites maybe my cock hen separation isnt correct. Definitely got 2 Cocks bit unsure on one of the hens I will keep watching hahaha
  4. Amf1975 thankyou for the reply very helpful information as you say people may do things differently but the more ideas and advise I get from people the more it helps me with what to do...I get the basics don't get me wrong from aviary breeding but with cages and exhibition birds it's a bit different.
  5. Yes the top of the legs bolt together but I cable tied the lower leg bar together also to hold it together a bit better. With me being away the 13th may they would maybe hatch while I'm away would that cause any issues? Should I pair them in a weeks time so they are still egg sitting while I'm away? I have someone to keep an eye on them food and water etc while away
  6. I will be getting 2 more rows of 5 when the pockets will allow but it's a good start. How long should I keep the hens and Cocks apart (cfw) before I pair them for breeding?
  7. My cages arrived today so just about managed to get them built up before work
  8. No not really anything got the cfw from someone different to the whites
  9. No unfortunately not the parents were but the person who bred them didn't get the rings in time. They are early this year's birds so won't be breeding till next year with them. Allan beattie a bloke from Scotland bred the parents that's as much as I know
  10. Thanks that's a great help got a couple of pairs of whites too.
  11. They are rung but not zfs do you have any images of your cfw? Just to give me some visual comparison? Here are the hens.
  12. Hi Andy in your row of 4 cages can you open them all out to be one long cage?
  13. Thanks again Andy for all your help it's very much appreciated