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  1. Arh.......happy birthday Lee, hope yer have a good day mate
  2. Hi there flight feathers, welcome to the zebra finch forum if yer really interested in breeding penguin zebras you could try contacting Dennis Webster Who is president and publicity officer for the zebra finch society, his number is listed below under publicity officer and he's a specialist in breeding the penguin zebras and is a very nice and helpful fella be lucky
  3. Ladies best freind " chirpy " the Cockatiel .....lols
  4. Sounds like that yer doing very well Emmy, all yellow and fluffy is he / she a lutino thanks for sharing
  5. Yer doing well Emmy, fair play to yer because I sure know that it ain't easy, to be honest that's why I don't do it meself because I know that it can be so tiring, stressful and definitely time consuming, good on yer though for sheer determination and effort
  6. Hooray way to go, nice one, well done Emmy at the time pictures are not important, as you rightly say that the chick was yer top priority be lucky
  7. Oh that is brilliant Emmy anytime now yea know exactly what yer mean about the dog.....lols....... I've got a long haired black & white foxy chihuahua, all bark but when confronted completely S##t scared ......lols be lucky
  8. Very nice Emmy, one of me favourites of the smaller doves
  9. Hi there mate, welcome to the forum yea sure you can, I can't see any problem at all, bengalese are a very placid finch and star finches aren't particularly aggressive eaither, they should quite happily breed together in the same flight
  10. Hi mate, welcome to the forum
  11. Mmm.....certainly do look interesting, looks like he's just fell in a bucket of soot
  12. Wow .....introducing black cheek into eumo, sounds rather interesting, certainly hope it all works out for yer
  13. Nice one mate, well done
  14. Very nice cock bird mate, well done im sure he'll be a good bird for next season and do his job