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dave huntington

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  1. Happy Birthday fella, have a great day....:yahoo:

  2. Happy birthday Dave have a great day ? ?

    1. dave huntington

      dave huntington

      thanks Trevor

      I had a lovely day thanks


  3. Happy Birthday Gary
  4. I would imagine by retaining and using the stronger marked birds would give you the best chance of breeding some strongly coloured birds bushy
  5. Thanks guys Had a very nice day cheers
  6. Happy Birthday Trevor hope you had a great day
  7. That looks exciting mate. Hope it continues to develop for you it looks a belter I would be fostering a few eggs out from its parents to get a few more like it But then again im greedy Well done
  8. Good to see you on here Cliff welcome to the forum Dave
  9. As Paul says you would need some bigger birds first you would be very highly unlikely to breed large birds from two small birds pair your best birds together best cock to best hen 2nd best to 2nd best ect... then by selecting only the best birds and releasing others in your stud after a couple of years you should start to see a uniformity in your birds by pairing your best birds to lesser birds you will dilute the quality i would add by choosing penguins you have chosen a colour that tends to be smaller than others so judge them against other penguins although they have improved a bit over last few years dave
  10. yes some interesting birds there Josh i particularly like the cock bird in 2nd last pic
  11. your daughter is six and she called two pepsi & shirley!!!!!! come on Dad own up you have been naming them havnt you!!!!
  12. nice typey birds Adam well done
  13. Really like the hen Paul
  14. Happy Birthday Paul hope you have a great day Dave
  15. Belated Happy Birthday mate Hope you had a great day