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  1. Happy Birthday fella, hope you have a great day.

  2. Bath time...

    Gonna need to play with the camera settings to get this perfect :) 


  3. Now Now children, Behave! If Papa has to step in there will be consequences....
  4. So you will totally back me up then Clare, Our warmer temps make all the difference
  5. Lee, Thank you, I'm struggling with your rules... Black cheeks are my fave... we get more of them and much much more superior quality specimens here in the south lol.. That extra couple of degrees makes a world of difference lol
  6. Yes you did, I'm otherwise occupied Sunday mornings to be honest my i don't want to put too many more in my aviary unless I can find a really nice bc or two to replace my boy
  7. I'm Northfleet, are there any good shows etc down here? pref not on a Sunday morning lol
  8. Hmm well the mum is probably 5 and daughter (black cheek) a couple of years old..
  9. Hey Emmy thanks, sounds like an interesting collection you have, I get my new knee later this year not really looking forward to it, I'm sure the relief will be great, but anything that keeps me from my aviary even for a day is not welcome either lol
  10. Thanks Gary, I do have a question I rescued a couple of Zebs a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately they have been kept in such a small cage for such a long time they don't fly! is there anything I can do or is it a case of nature will out?
  11. Hi Andy, Thank you, Great to know there is another keeper in my area, I'm north east Kent, Yourself?
  12. Hi Andy, Thank you, Great to know there is another keeper in my area, I'm north east Kent, Yourself?
  13. Thank you
  14. Hey Mamajay, Thank you
  15. Hey Andy, I am on Facebook, My Zebra Finches.. It was one of Lee Pycrofts posts that led me here