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  1. perhaps it might be worth putting a pic on here of what you're after ...and where you are in the country?
  2. happy birthday Gary ...ive told the fire brigade to stand down ...now you've managed to blow all the candles out on your birthday cake
  3. that's a nice one ...i much prefer them to the pieds,creminos etc
  4. just got myself some black grey bengalese again last week, i had a shed full a few years ago.....they are pretty smart looking birds
  5. sorry i didn't mean to cause offence ...after all its only a piece of plastic.....just saying the ones from oz were like a childs bead that had been split ......i just gave them away
  6. im with allan on this one ...someone bought some for me off ebay (came from oz)...utter crap ..far too chunky ...avian id or supapets ones are miles better
  7. all the best Dave...have yourself a good day!
  8. its not every sunday..i will let you know when the next sale is on at bilsborrow....if you want to travel a bit there is a good sale at stafford show ground this sunday (starts about 9)....where i'm sure you would get set up with some decent birds
  9. welcome to the forum steve ...i'm in preston myself ....not too far from fulwood baracks..have you ever had a trip to bilsborrow bird sale on a sunday morning ? i've just paired mine up so i have non to go at the moment (i've started a couple up on here this year with a few zebs)...but when ive bred a few your welcome to a couple of pairs. jeff
  10. hi ...i'm thinking of going to croatia in summer....i went many years ago to medulin ....
  11. i think he is a she
  12. all the best merv.....p.s . i don't think they laid the fireworks on just for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. thanks for the messages .....
  14. looks like slip claw ...similar to what the odd canary suffers from ....if you want to you can try taping the claw back with a narrow strip of elastoplast to its leg in a more natural position ...it'll only work while the bird is still young ..
  15. i'd leave them well alone ....and stop taking them in and out of the nest ...then theres a sporting chance you won't end up hand rearing (something i've never had to do in 35 years of keeping birds )...when they are on the perch will be soon enough for the photo shoot .....regards jeff