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  1. Happy Birthday fella, have a great day....:yahoo:

  2. Hope you have a great day...
  3. cheeky..... 43, the same amount of quality birds I'm gonna breed on the first round
  4. Sorry just seen your text about the cages. I would be interested in going in with you.


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    2. Freddie finch

      Freddie finch

      Is that the ad about Colin Clark? If it is thanks away to try him.

      still working forum out e.g. Private message

    3. Emmy


      Yes Freddie thought Private Message would get to you sooner.

      I've had birds from Colin before and he always gives advice whenever asked.

      (Apologies for this is on your post Lee:mellow:)


    4. Freddie finch

      Freddie finch

      Sorry lee. Thanks again Emmy 

  5. Oi Miss Emmy....... enough of this lovebirds chitty chatter, more talk Zebbie Zebbie..... 😘 got any BCCFW'S lol
  6. Cheers fella, still on the look out for the odd quality bird ???nudge nudge wink wink
  7. at night with the lights on...
  8. Gonna give this breeding job a proper go in the new year,new Bird Room bought a few months ago,I've started to kit it out how i want it.Just finished installing the new breeding cages with lights will post another video later when it gets dark to give you a better impression of the lights.
  9. its not just you fella, i gave up with the **** thing and just use this site now, it has more than enough information to keep you well informed and if you do facebook? i created a page called "My Zebra Finches" (took hours to come up with that title lol) i no longer run it as too busy but a few members off here took it on but has loads of pictures and answered questions.
  10. Is it your birthday fella? Many Happy returns.. hope you're having a great day! 

  11. Happy Birthday Claire, think you celebrate by sending me your best BCCFW's
  12. Happy Birthday Sarah, hope you're having a great day.
  13. to me the cock bird is showing visuals of maybe fawn to me so possibly yes?
  14. Hi Nick, great looking cages. May I ask where you bought them and the cost. You can private message me if you don't want to post here. Thanks
  15. A beauty !