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  1. Sorry Fraza I'm hopeless at identifying colours in young birds I'm sure when other members read your post they will be able to help. (Trevor and Andy are good at identifying colours) Emmy
  2. Welcome to the forum Fraza. It's nice to get some new members and share experiences. I remember the day when I could have named every bird I had but since getting my outside/ inside aviary a few years ago - plus another shed for breeding cages that is impossible now I have a variety of other birds too -(not just zebra finches and Bengalese). I have a variety of mutations/colours in my zebra finches (in the outside flight I let them choose their own mate) but I do breed BC finches and one got a 2nd place in a bird show a week ago. Who knows maybe you will be able to get in personal contact with some of the members on the ZFF who may come from your area in England. Look forward to reading your posts. Emmy
  3. Lee your just jealous - me I'm frustrated with the M. L. Bs !!! I've still not managed to breed a BC CFW and I'm not going to resort to doctoring photographs but from somewhere I've bred a BCBB zebra finch -wished it had been a female and I would have paired it up with a crested bb z finch. I was just hoping someone would read the post about the love birds and may have bred M.L.birds or knew someone who had and would give me some feed back if they had had success. I suppose the fact that one of the males is singing to the female is a good sign. Freezing here tonight - birds are warmer in their sheds than I am in the house PS Lee please note this is posted in the proper place: Other Birds Discussions about other species.
  4. I caught the male singing to the female this morning - no idea if this is normal mating behaviour but at least no feathers flying. Emmy
  5. I'm beginning to think my Madagascar Lovebirds are not in love. I've tried several different types of nest boxes - given a variety of different nesting materials ( they let me know they didn't approve of any of them- tossed everything straight out from the nest box.) Things I have tried over a long period of time: Had all 4 together in large cage so they could choose their own partner- didn't work Then paired them off into two separate cages- didn't work Was suggested to put two males with one female - didn't work Also suggested to try the reverse two females with one male- didn't work So this is what I'm trying now similar to what you do with canaries but I added another 'stage' in the process. About 6 weeks ago I put the two pairs in a breeding cage that had a divider and I put the two females in one half and the two males in the other half I made sure there was a perch on either side close to the divider and they have been using those perches more than the others that were in the cage. Today I have separated them and used a 2nd breeding cage so now there is only one female and one male in a cage but the divider still in place with a perch on each side close to the divider. I intend to leave them like his for about a week I don't expect the male will feed the female as canaries do but time will tell. I would like your opinion re should I add a nest box to the female's side of the cage just now or wait until I remove the divider. ? At the moment one pair is sitting facing each other while in the 2nd cage the female is sitting with her back to the male - maybe she's trying to tell him to 'get lost'! I'd appreciate any suggestions. This is the pair that seem to be 'talking' (lol) Emmy
  6. Trevor ---Meantime The Tablet is for ME!!!!! they get offered enough treats and turn their 'beaks' up at them -so no tablet for them just now but great suggestion Trevor I'll tell them if they produce some chicks they'll get a whole bar of tablet to themselves. Emmy
  7. --- Guess I've lost count but I reckon there could be about 30 in outside/inside flights. and I have others in cages in my other shed for selected breeding. I have some 'penguins too and a couple of crested zebra finches which I will later pair up with other finches. I also have cockatiels ,canaries, diamond doves, Bengalese, gouldians, owl finches etc and a few chinese painted quail. (Better not forget the one budgie I just couldn't resist at one of the bird sales lol). I would have posted some photos but I've just recently got a new computer and unfortunately my brain didn't get updated at the same time and I've still to find the prog. where I can resize the photos so I can upload them on here. (Sometimes I've been lucky and managed to get one posted) Wishing you well with the pair you have. Emmy
  8. Thanks Trevor guess my patience is a bit thin on the ground at the moment. One of the first jobs though is to sort out the Madagascar lovebirds to try to get them to breed. Trying out what I did with canaries. At the moment I've got the 4 of them in a breeding cage -the two females together -two males together separated with a divider. Next move will be one female and one male in a breeding cage separated with a divider then after about a week + I'll remove the divider - Still haven't made up my mind if I'll put a nest box up on the females side of the cage before I remove the divider or what type of nesting material to offer. I've tried so many different things over the past 2 years but still to find the answer - if only they could talk and tell me what they want Emmy
  9. Welcome to the forum Freddie. What colour are the two birds you have?
  10. Fantastic Trevor when its a bit bigger can you train it to fly North ? That's going to be a wee beauty. and a definite 'keeper' Next year is going to be very interesting for you (Now ME! I've got a zebra finch in my outside flight I'd like to catch its a pale fawn with peach coloured cheeks but it has ideas of its own and wants to choose its own partner.) Emmy
  11. 2nd egg (fostered) I put into their nest has hatched out and they are feeding the new chick too- now just waiting for their own eggs to hatch. Emmy (sold some diamond doves today and also finches) Emmy
  12. That's great news Dave. Are you keeping any of them? Sadly little Toots died- I had it at the vet to get its crop emptied and it seemed as thought it would be OK but it died the next morning but Titch and Tosh are doing OK and are out of the brooder now, but still not feeding by themselves yet. definitely keeping those two Bird sale tomorrow and I'm taking 3 diamond doves and maybe some finches but it will depend how I feel about parting with them when tomorrow is here (lol) Remember 'Shadow' the zebra finch I hand reared a while ago well not only do 'Shadow and Snowy' have 4 eggs in their swing nest (lol) but I've managed to put a tiny zebra finch chick which hatched out in the incubator this morning into their nest and also the 2nd egg from the incubator which is about to hatch too and they are definitely feeding the wee chick and they haven't tossed out the other egg either. Fingers crossed it works out! Emmy
  13. Back to the 3 new arrivals -- Titch, Tosh and Toots. this is them now. https://youtu.be/sG0b2gbrEWU Their eyes seem to be a bit slow in opening so every time they get fed I have bathed their eyes with lukewarm water and its helping = I'm noticing a difference every day. Guess these three are going to be some more 'keepers' Emmy
  14. Thanks Andy Think this will be the best thing for me. Emmy
  15. How much does a memory stick hold Andy? I have a LOT of photo folders and also Microsoft Word documents- Grandson said it would take about 6 hours to transfer the photos but I'm thinking he may be 'pulling my leg' saying that Emmy