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  1. Thank you all very much , I have just come back from a holiday in Croatia, and that's where I had my birthday ,lovely weather and lovely people . Regards Kevin PS I am having to much fun to retire working makes the world go round if you are lucky enough to have the right job.
  2. Welcome to the forum, you will get to know a great bunch on this forum , Gary works his socks of to keep it going and it goes from strength to strength, I met Gary and Wife at Stafford show in October and I still do not know how he gets the time to make this forum run so smoothly. There is always someone to give you sound advice and with a bit of luck you may meet some of them when showing your birds, they are a little spread out around the country, I have been very lucky to have Chris Green about ten miles from me he is a cracking young man (visited him today) he works with birds at the Cotswold Wildlife Park . near Burford he takes me to other breeders around our area and further afield, there's Broughy over at Banbury he is always happy to give advice, I brought most of my first birds from him.I am rambling on a bit now so I will wish you the same luck as me. Kevin.
  3. Hi Chris Fancy seeing you here ,I am hoping to get across to see you this week I Left a message on your answer phone tonight ,be in touch Kevin
  4. Thank you Emmy I was very busy having a nice day, and the racing winners made it even better.
  5. Hi eamonn Welcome to the forum, where are you in West Berkshire I am in Faringdon Oxfordshire it was Faringdon Berkshire until they changed the boundaries, I use to laugh when they said Pam Ayres had an Oxfordshire accent, she lived two miles from me in Berkshire( oh,ar) Kevin
  6. Happy birthday mate. Kevin
  7. Les Why will you not show them again. Kevin
  8. Hi Shaun Welcome to the forum, I used to go to Beverley a few times a year for about 15 years, to the race course, its a nice part of the country. Kevin.
  9. Happy birthday Dave Kevin
  10. Hi Chris i understand we all have are own ways. Kevin
  11. Chris if you take the eggs out of the nest box every time she lays, and replace it with a false egg every time she lays, then after she has laid the last egg replace them, (and make sure that you turn the eggs every day) they will all hatch together. Kevin
  12. Chris did all of the chicks hatch together or on separate days. Kevin
  13. If i can get birds half as good as those in my first year breeding i will be well pleased, they are nice looking birds Paul.Kevin
  14. Welcome to the forum Kevin
  15. Why don't you put a suggestion to the zfs committee Trev if they see a lot of entries and interest they may make up another class, anything that brings new blood can only be good for the hobby.i for one would like to see all of theses new mutations on the show bench.Regards Kevin