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  1. Good looking birds, I like the normal cock bird.
  2. Hi Craig, This section is only meant for introductions, try posting in a different section. Alternatively you can create yourself a photo album in the gallery and link your photos from your album into your posts. Hope this helps. Gary
  3. Peter's not far from me, but I've never visited. Did you get anything?
  4. Happy birthday for yesterday Lee, I hope you had a great day. Gary
  5. loads on my iphone very slowly, but I was connected to Wi-Fi and I have a fast broadband speed. Gary
  6. Sorry, welcome to the world of Zeb's Steve. I hope you enjoy the forum. Gary
  7. The ZFS site is loading very slow, but I have managed to access it via Firefox and Chrome, Try clearing your cache on your web browser to see if it helps. I'll try the mobile version next to see what happens.
  8. Happy birthday Marie, I hope you have a great day. Gary
  9. Welcome to the forum Paul. Pied and pied white are not as common as they were in previous years, but there are a few breeders who specialise in this type. I have a few birds with a pied blood line in them as I used to keep them some years ago. We have a few members on here so I would place an advert in the wanted section. Good luck with your search and nice to see another breeder returning to the hobby. Gary.
  10. Happy birthday Kim, I hope you have a great day Gary
  11. Nice colours Clare.
  12. Many happy returns of the day Sarah.
  13. Happy birthday Allan, Have a great day. Gary
  14. I reckon the ??? add another 40 to 50 on top of the 30..... Plus the next batch of
  15. Hi Emmy, So if you counted all the birds you have including the parrots, chickens, Quail, zebs,teals etc... How many do you actually have these days? .
  16. Nice young Clare, I'd be proud if I had these in my setup. Gary
  17. Emmy, I've lost count now..... Have you taken them in for good or are you just looking after them for a while? Gary
  18. Happy Birthday Zebba "D" I hope you have a great day. Gary
  19. Happy Birthday Peter, I hope you have a great day. Gary
  20. Hi Owen and welcome to Zebra Finch Forum. Andy has given you some good advice and you may also want to try the members map on here to see if there are any members near you. please let us know if you need any help and good luck with your new stock. Gary
  21. I really like the colour of the chicks Well done Trevor and please continue to keep us updated. Thanks for posting. Gary
  22. Hi Trevor, Many thanks for the update, the time that breeders like you put into your birds to produce the mutations that you do is amazing. I only keep a small number of combinations, but yours must be endless. Without people like you we wouldn't have the varieties and types we have today. Keep up the good work Trevor and please keep us updated with your plans for the future and how everything is progressing. Gary
  23. Welcome to the forum BittyBirds. I have placed a link to our other website that contains lots of useful information. Breeding Zebra Finches I hope this helps. Gary
  24. Happy birthday Andy, I hope you had a good one.
  25. Hi Trevor, Thanks for sharing, what's the genetic history of the young bird in the photo. It looks like it was a long road to get to this point. Gary