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  2. You'r welcome. Reading about your babies condition and then dead, I'm wondering if they are suffering from a syndrome we call 'Going Light' I believe the true name is something like Coccidiosis. Basically a gut problem. The treatment is a probiotic liquid put in drinking water. I use one called Harker's Coccid and there is also one from the Bird Health Care company. There is a post on here all about it that might help you. Search using any of those words I've used and it should appear. Andyn
  3. Hi, I am also a new member. One of the main reasons I wanted to join was to see If anyone might know why I am losing so many baby birds. Checking the nest boxes for too much nesting material is something I have thought of. Checking the baby's crop for food did not occur to me. I will start checking. Not that there is much I can do about it, but I would at least know why they might be dying. I live in Southern California and have 10 outdoor aviaries. Zebras and Societies. 25 breeding pair in each. I have noticed that with some of these babies, they walk around very unsteady, almost drunk looking, and their feathers are fluffed up. Next day, they usually turn up dead. Thank you for the advice you have given Andyn and anymore you might have to share.
  4. Hi Deb and welcome to the Forum. My first question would be to ask if there was any food in the chicks crop when you found it? If not then it sounds like the parents ignored it's calls. (sorry) In an aviary/ flight situation it is possible that the chick got frightened for some reason and flew into wall/wire head first. (Not a nice thought) But thinking about your problem with chicks coming out of nests too early. Maybe there is too much nesting material in the nest and the chicks are falling out accidentally. If that was the case I'd suggest regulating the amount of material you give them and keep an eye on each nest and remove any surplus that you think is too much (too close (high) to the opening. If you know where the chicks come from put them back in the nest or you could build a tray/platform under each nest so chicks fall/land on that rather than the floor. (less likely to be ignored by parents perhaps) Don't be overly worried about upsetting the parent birds as they are usually very Maternal/Paternal and would return to their nest very quickly after you leave. You didn't mention where you live, because if there is a member near you they might be able to offer practical help too. Hope the above helps and if you have more questions please ask away. Andyn
  5. Please can any of the forum members try to solve a problem that I have. I have inherited some thirty zebra finches, mainly white and 2 Grey plus 1 fawn. They started off in a small outside aviary through the summer etc., of last year they laid a number of eggs between them. The problem is that although the eggs hatched I kept finding the young in various stages of development out of the nests, some were almost fully fledged. My husband and I thought it was due to the lack of space so we built a new larger aviary and regime all the finches, since doing so some of the breeding pairs have laid more eggs and one hatched, survived and left the nest, it seemed to be doing really well it was calling, taking short low flights and then much to my disappointment I found it dead yesterday morning. What am I doing wrong. Looking for a solution if I can call on others experiences. Deb
  6. If you get stuck next year let me know, it took forever to source mine but I will be breeding 4 pairs this year & will only keep a few back & if you have any surplus white zebras of CWF......
  7. Welcome Pat.I have been thinking of Roller canaries but might leave them untill next year.
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  9. Happy Birthday CFWs 


  10. Welcome Pat, welcome to the addiction we called, Zebra Finch keepers...😁😁😁
  11. Thanks for the heads up boys, I will definitely look into the Zebra Finch Society, I'm sure there will be some purists out there somewhere not a million miles away who have a proven stud. The bird breeding business isn't what it was 40 years ago, door to door courier services & excellent cage lighting systems, on wards & upwards!
  12. welcome to the wonderful world of zebra finches.... what I did find amusing was your line" how prolific these birds can breed" I wish some one would tell my big fat lazy exhibition birds that
  13. Hi Pat and welcome to the Forum. I think if you want quality birds you could join the Zebra Finch Society and amongst other items you will receive a Year Book which contains Names and addresses of ZFS members who might live around your way and have some for sale. Or you could visit Stafford Spring Show in March where you might find some good birds. Alternatively, check the on line Free Ads to see if there are any you want to buy and check if the seller would courier a few pairs at your expense which is about £45 ish. Anyway, hope you get sorted when your ready. Andyn
  14. Welcome pat just joined recently myself and purchaced 2 pairs of exhibition birds with the thought of showing Any questions i will try and help best i can nice cages too Craig
  15. Hi guys, recently started keeping a few birds after thinking about it for ever, finally turned my plans into cage units & recently acquired several pair of Hartz Roller Canaries (2017 birds). Always had a soft spot for finches & factored that into my cage unit design. At this time I do not envisage build flights aviaries etc so I will be trying to source quality bred birds & will pay a fair price. I'm specifically interested in CWF & white birds. Knowing how prolific these little birds can breed I will only buy in a couple of pair to start. My dilemma is that I do not know any one at this time hence joining this forum. Pat
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  17. Are these recessive colours
  18. Yes i like him have got him with a grey cheek hen but will have him with a cfw hen too i think this will be the best pairing just need to get my new shed up 15 x 5 Craig
  19. typical Harrison type bird.... like him
  20. Good looking birds, I like the normal cock bird.
  21. Good luck Craig, they look good in photos.
  22. A grey cheek hen behind Craig
  23. Looks a decent normal cock bird...is that a Black Cheek CFW behind?
  24. Hi Craig, This section is only meant for introductions, try posting in a different section. Alternatively you can create yourself a photo album in the gallery and link your photos from your album into your posts. Hope this helps. Gary
  25. Cant uplaoad anymore ??
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