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  2. Happy Birthday fella, have a great day....:yahoo:

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  4. Thanks to you both, yep had great day with a family lunch. Then went on to rspb Strumpshaw to see the Starling roost. Got some decent photos of the event. Thanks again, Trevor 😃
  5. Hope you have a great day...
  6. Happy Birthday Trevor, hope you have a great day. Andy
  7. Happy birthday for yesterday Lee, I hope you had a great day. Gary
  8. cheeky..... 43, the same amount of quality birds I'm gonna breed on the first round
  9. happy 50th Lee. have a good one mate
  10. Arh.......happy birthday Lee, hope yer have a good day mate
  11. Hoping you have a brilliant day Lee. ENJOY!!
  12. Hi there flight feathers, welcome to the zebra finch forum if yer really interested in breeding penguin zebras you could try contacting Dennis Webster Who is president and publicity officer for the zebra finch society, his number is listed below under publicity officer and he's a specialist in breeding the penguin zebras and is a very nice and helpful fella be lucky
  13. Yep as Andy said, zero chance. We just don't have many rare colours over here, and as the main source of zebra finches here is the pet shop that leaves an even smaller chance of getting something good. c:
  14. Cloud isn't saddleback. It's not a different colour to pied, just the name for when the spots fall perfectly into place leaving no spots on the face. It's the name of the spot shape, and it's exactly the same as pied, just perfect markings as I said before. There is no such thing as "half saddleback" or "Split to saddleback", they either are or they aren't. It takes good breeding to get the patch on the back rounded perfectly, and the fact that he's a pet shop bird makes it even less likely as most pet shops don't care, let alone know about that sort of thing. Hope this helps c:
  15. Hi, I’m in east Anglia, but only a few pairs. Trevor 😃
  16. does anyone know anybody in east mids,that breeds eumo
  17. Hi I have a recent picture from today and if u look closely at them you can see that one has white wings and one has grey also I’ll add pic of parents, one last question if the parents are large zebras does this mean the chicks will or is it one small and one big parent to get large offspring chicks -first pic https://imgur.com/a/v7wOK Chicks Second pic been fed a lot by the foster society’s parents
  18. Trevor, would beak colour be black like Normals? Venturing into Fawns this coming year for first time. Cheers Andy
  19. Hi Fraza, I think you pink one could be a fawn. Trevor 😃
  20. Okay thanks for that it helped I’ll keep you posted when the colours have came through
  21. Hi Fraza, You would need either two visual Black Breast parents or two carrying the BB gene or even one of each. BB is a recessive mutation. If the one 'Pink' is truly Pink then the pair could also be carrying the Pied/White gene and this could be a 'White' I think you would have to wait until the chicks have feathered up to see if they are Black Breast. The 'White chick should have a Bone coloured beak as opposed to black. But good luck with them and enjoy! Andyn
  22. Ohright thanks anyway u hope they reply
  23. Sorry Fraza I'm hopeless at identifying colours in young birds I'm sure when other members read your post they will be able to help. (Trevor and Andy are good at identifying colours) Emmy
  24. Welcome to the forum Fraza. It's nice to get some new members and share experiences. I remember the day when I could have named every bird I had but since getting my outside/ inside aviary a few years ago - plus another shed for breeding cages that is impossible now I have a variety of other birds too -(not just zebra finches and Bengalese). I have a variety of mutations/colours in my zebra finches (in the outside flight I let them choose their own mate) but I do breed BC finches and one got a 2nd place in a bird show a week ago. Who knows maybe you will be able to get in personal contact with some of the members on the ZFF who may come from your area in England. Look forward to reading your posts. Emmy
  25. So I have a black breast ex showbird and I have bred her with a normal grey and 4/4 eggs hatched however one is pink and 3 of the hatchlings are black, does this mean the three could be black breasts she ended up abandonding the chicks and I ended up having to let the 4 society’s adopt the chicks, hopefully i get three black breasts only 5 days old tho long wait .....
  26. Hi I have been breeding zebras and bengalease/society finches for bout 9 months and all is going great been on finchforum, but wanted to join an English one as I live in England, Manchester. I have an aviry recently built about 2 months ago maybe 3 i have 6 zebras black breast, pure white, black cheek and three normals I have 7 society’s 1 grey pearl cock, 2 pied are rest mixed
  27. Sorry just seen your text about the cages. I would be interested in going in with you.


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    2. Freddie finch

      Freddie finch

      Is that the ad about Colin Clark? If it is thanks away to try him.

      still working forum out e.g. Private message

    3. Emmy


      Yes Freddie thought Private Message would get to you sooner.

      I've had birds from Colin before and he always gives advice whenever asked.

      (Apologies for this is on your post Lee:mellow:)


    4. Freddie finch

      Freddie finch

      Sorry lee. Thanks again Emmy 

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