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3 weeks later

Penny W


I spoke too soon saying I was having a good run on chicks, I had rung 9 zebra chicks when my ZFS rings arrived, 3 have since died and other nests which have hatched have not been fed, or have been thrown out of the nest, I do have one nest with 2 chicks, one I rung last week as he was plenty big enough, the other obviously is not getting enough food - enough to keep alive but not enough to grow - it is tiny, I'm not sure if it will survive. My other finches are doing slightly better - the 4 gouldian chicks are being brought up well by their parents, I have 3 fledged hecks with nests of both cherries and hecks eggs.

I tried fostering some star finch eggs under a pair of Bengalese, I'm not really sure what to expect as the Bengalese started laying on top of the star eggs. I have fertile eggs in there - are they stars or bengies?? I have to wait and see.

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Penny why don't you try removing the tiny chick and give it  a little hand rearing formula then return it to the nest immediately after you feed it 

I know what  you say about fostering eggs using Bengalese  my pair that I foster eggs with must be wondering why they are producing all those different babies :lol:

Hope it all works out for you.


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